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Since its founding in 1889 the department deals with materials science and technology. Because of the fast development of materials and technologies, by now, our activity has specified for metallic and ceramic materials.

Dr. Péter J. Szabó - Head of Department

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Department of Materials Science & Engineering
H-1111 Budapest, XI. Bertalan L. u. 7. Build. MT
Post address:  H-1521 Budapest
Phone: +36-1-463-1234
Fax: +36-1-463-1366
E-mail: matsci@att.bme.hu


Sztoczek u. 4.  Build. G

MTA-BME Fémtechnológiai Kutatócsoport



János Prohászka (1920-2012) was born 100 years ago

The website which presents the scientific work of Professor Prohászka can be seen here

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DIGIMAN international project

The Erasmus+ project, known as DIGIMAN, was started in October 2019 to develop an MSc course based on digital manufacturing technology

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Corrosion Awareness Day

April 24 is the Corrosion Awareness Day! Apply with your video or ppt to show the importance of corrosion protection!

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5th National Welding Competition

On the 21st of April, the 5th National Welding Competition was organized with great success by the Welding Section of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The Welding Section is a student’s self-motivating organization, which operates for 40 years. In this year totally 50 university students from 5 universities participated in the contest.

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