Foreign language degree

Our subjects taught in English or German are warmly recommended for Hungarian students who want to practice their language skills, or for our guest students from abroad, who want to learn these topics in two international languages.


Name of subjects Neptun code Credit Downloads
Fatique and Fracture BMEGEMTMW02 3 Download
Materials Engineering BMEGEMTBGF1_ENG 4 Download
Materials Engineering BMEGEMTBMA1AN 4 Download
Materials Science BMEGEMTMW01 3 Download
Materials Science and Testing BMEGEMTBGA1E 6 Download
Metal Forming BMEGEMTAGE1 4 Download
Metalltechnologie BMEGEMTAGK2N 4 Download
Metals and Metal Matrix Composites (for Chemical Engineers) BMEVEFAA602E 2 Download
Nondestructive Testing of Materials BMEGEMTAGE22 4 Download
Strukturintegritäts-Anwendungen I BMEGEMTBVS1 3 Download
Strukturintegritäts-Anwendungen I BMEGEMTBVS1N 3 Download
Strukturintegritäts-Anwendungen II BMEGEMTBVS2 3 Download
Werkstoffkunde und Werkstoffprüfung BMEGEMTAGK1N 6 Download