Leonardo da Vinci project - CyberLab distance education sub-project


Scope of the department


1. Investigatiopn and application of engineering materials

1.1 Materials

Steel, cast iron 
Non-ferrous alloys 
Base materials for powder-metallurgy 
Metal matrix composites and ceramics 
Magnetic and electrical materials 
Superelastic materials  
Biomedical materials

1.2 Microstructure investigations

With the use of optical microscope and scanning electron microscope, 
Magnetic measurements, Barkhausen-noise measurementse

1.3 Roncsolásos és roncsolásmentes vizsgálatok

Commercial mechanical materials testing methods 
Fracture mechanics investigations 
Malleability investigations


2. Development of net shape and near-net shape technologies

2.1 Sheet and volume forming technologies
2.2 Processing of powder-metallurgy base materials


3. Thermal and regenerative processes

3.1 Welding
Heat treatment
3.3 Regenerative processes of power-plant materials
3.4 Surface treatments, high energy beam treatments


4. Numerical modeling of materials processes and technologies

4.1 Moldeling of interactions of macro and micromechanical processes
4.2 Moldeling of plastic deformation processes
4.3 Moldeling of welding and heat treatment processes
4.4. Virtual manufacturing
4.5 Investigations of structural integrity