Dr. Dévényi László

Status: hon. professor
Building, room: fsz. 060/A
Phone: 463-3253
Fax: 463-1366
E-mail: devenyi [at] eik.bme.hu (devenyi@eik.bme.hu)
Speciality: Materials science, metallography, heat resistant materials, heat treatment, creep, failure analysis
Teached subject:

Electron Microscopy
Failure Analysis
Materials Engineering
Materials science (engineer-teacher)

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Materials Science, Failure Analysis.



- Educational background

1968-1973 MSc in metallurgical engineering, TU Miskolc

- Work

1973-1974 TU-Miskolc Department of Materials Science, research fellow

1974-1980 HAS Research Group for Process Metallurgy, research fellow

1992-2013 associate professor

1980-1992 senior lecturer, -,

2002-2012 Vice-Dean for Economic Affairs

2007-2013 Head, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

2014- Honorary Professor


- Academic degrees

1980 Dr. Univ. degree, TU Miskolc
1991 Candidate of Technical Sciences (CSc), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, from 1997 this degree is recognized as PhD (TUB)


- Language skills

1982 Russian (intermediate level)

1986 English(basic level)


Scientific or public activities, memberships

1970- Member of MTESZ Associations (OMBKE, GTE)

1996- Public Body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), member

1997- HAS, Committee of Materials Science and Technology, Member

1991-2013 American Society of Materials, Hungarian Capter, Member, Chairman

1995- Hungarian Academy of Engineering, Member

1997- Foundation of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering and Rubik International Foundation, Head Curator

1996-2013 Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, Up-vision Committee, Member

2000-2013 Member of the editorial board of the „Material World” Journal ISSN 1568-0140, http://www.kfki.hu/~anyag/

2002-2007 Hungarian Member of COST Technical Committee

2008-2014 Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science & Technology,
Member of Board

1999-2002 Szechenyi Professor’s Grant (Ministry of Education, Hungary)

2003 Gillemot Prize, TU Budapest, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

2005 Zielinszky Prize, Hungarian Chamber of Engineers

2007-2008 ALCOA Professzor’s Grant

2000- Hungarian Society of Materials Science, member

2012- Hungarian Association for Material Testing, member

2013- HAS, Elected representatives of the Public Body

2014 Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, Civil Division, Knight Cross

2014 Apáczai Csere János Prize, Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI)

2014 Pro Juventute Universitatis (For Students of University) Prize, BME


Research projects

- Science Conference of Students

Failure Analysis and Residual Life of Components.

Optical Microscope and Material Examinations.


- BSc and MSc thesis works

Revalidability of high temperature ferritic/bainitic steels.

PhD students


Szalay Zsolt

Dénes Éva

Kovács Tünde

Fábián Réka

Thiele Ádám

Mucsi András


Kertész Anna




Selected Publications:

Dr. Laszlo Devenyi, Tamas Biro: Investigation of Creep Cavities by Scanning Electron Microscope. Materials Science Forum, Volumes 414-415, 2003 Trans Tech Publications, ISBN 0-87849-908-3, p. 183-187. IF: 0,602

Kovács T.-Dévényi L.: Investigation of the Wear Process by Using a Gradient Method. Material Science Forum (2005) Trans. Tech. Publications, Switzerland. IF: 0,602

R. Zelkó, L. Dévényi, K. Patai: Effect of physical ageing on the in utero incrustation and subsequent changes in hormone release of intrauterine systems. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (25), S215-S216. May 2005, ISSN 0928-0987 ELSEVIER, IF: 2,248

Romana Zelkó, László Dévényi, Imre Klebovich, Kálmán Patai: In Utero Incrustation as an Inhibitory Factor of Drug Release from Intra Uterine Therapeutic System. Drug Metabolism Reviews, Vol. 37, 2005, pp. 407-408 IF:4,537

Kálmán Patai, Dorottya Kiss, László Dévényi, Romána Zelkó: In utero incrustation of intrauterine systems – consequent complications and monitoring. Fertility and Sterility. Vol. 87, No. 5, May 2007 pp. 1210-1211. IF: 3,2