Prof. Krállics György

Status: professor
Building, room: I. em. 107
Phone: 463-1445 (+36 46 565-111/ 1538)
Fax: 463-1366
E-mail: gyorgy.krallics [at] (
Speciality: Metal forming, bulk nanostructured materials, fracture and fatique
Teached subject:

Metal Forming
Project A.(Numerical methods of the material informatics)
Theory of Metal Forming

Consulting hours: Monday 10-12



2015 Dr.-habil

1987-91 Moscow, Institute of Steel and Alloys, PhD courses

1969–1974 MSc at  Budapest University of Technology end Economics (BUTE) , Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


Position held

Budapest University of Technology end Economics, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

1993– at present, associate professor, 1981–1993, assistant professor, 1974–1981, senior assistant,1974–1975, assistant

Miskolc University, Institute of Materials Science

2011- at present, research fellow

Bay Zoltan Foundation for Applied Research, Institute for Nanotechnology, Department of Severe Plastic Deformation

2006-2010 head of the department Severe plastic deformation

Grants and fellowships

2003-2005 Szechenyi Istvan’s Grant (Ministry of Education, Hungary)

2003 Visiting professor in Canada, University of Waterloo (1 month)

2002 NATO fellowship in Canada, University of Waterloo (1 month)

1998– 2001, Szechenyi Professor’s Grant (Ministry of Education, Hungary)

1997 TEMPUS fellowship (4 weeks) in England, Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton

1977–1978 fellowship at Moscow Institute of Energy (6 months)

PhD supervising

Defended thesis:

2011, Kristóf Bobor : Severe Plastic Deformation by asymmetrical rolling

2009, Árpád Fodor: Severe Plastic Deformation of Al 6082 alloy

2009, Ahmed S.M Agena : Forward Extrusion of Tube from Ultra-fine Grained Material

1998, Oleg Benevolensky: Development of a control method in crimping of cylindrical joints comprising polymer composite cores.

Current topics:

Manufacturing of ultrafine grained materials and testing of their properties

Producing of ultrafine grained sheet metal with combination of multiple forging and cold rolling

Development of bulk ultrafine- and nano-grained iron-based alloys

Main research fields:

Design of forming technology

FEM simulation of material processing

Ductile failure of materials on the base of micro- and macro-mechanics

Severe plastic deformation

Scientific degrees:

1992 Candidate of Technical Sciences (CSc), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, from 1994 this degree is recognized as PhD

Scientific or public activities, memberships

1997– at present, Member of Committee on Material Sciences and Technology, Hungarian Academy of Science

1997– at present, Member of International Cold Forming Group

1974– at present, Member of Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineering of Hungary

Languages: Hungarian (native), English (intermediate), Russian (fluent)