Lecturers, researchers

Head of Department

Prof. Szabó Péter János

professor, head of the department
Room: fsz. 063 Tel.: 463-3252
E-mail: szpj [at] eik.bme.hu (szpj@eik.bme.hu)
Speciality: Materials science, materials testing, electron microscopy, X-ray and electron diffraction, crystal orientation determination, grain boundary engineering

Lecturers, researchers

Dr. Berecz Tibor

senior lecturer
Room: I. em. 108 Tel.: 463-4149
E-mail: berecz [at] eik.bme.hu (berecz@eik.bme.hu)
Speciality: Electronmicroscopy, EBSD, microstructure examination, occupational safety

Károly Dóra

PhD student
Room: Fsz. 054 Tel.: 463-2836
E-mail: kdora [at] eik.bme.hu (kdora@eik.bme.hu)
Speciality: Investigation, modelling and simulation of functional properties of coronary stent systems

Dr. Katula Levente Tamás

associate professor
Room: fsz. 060/B Tel.: 463-1115
E-mail: katula [at] att.bme.hu (katula@att.bme.hu)
Speciality: 3D structures, welding

Dr. Kovács Dorina

senior lecturer
Room: Fsz. 061 Tel.: 463-1079
E-mail: kovacs.dorina[ [at] ]gpk.bme.hu (kovacs.dorina[@]gpk.bme.hu)
Speciality: Hybrid surface treatment of tempered steels and stainless steels

Dr. Kozsely Gábor

senior lecturer
Room: Tel.:
E-mail: kozselyg [at] eik.bme.hu (kozselyg@eik.bme.hu)
Speciality: Metal forming, heat treatment

Dr. habil. Májlinger Kornél

associate professor, vice head of department
Room: fsz. 060/B Tel.: 463-1115
E-mail: welding [at] att.bme.hu (welding@att.bme.hu)
Speciality: Welding, metal matrix composites, materials testing, electronmicroscopy

Prof. Mészáros István

Room: I. em. 109 Tel.: 463-2883
E-mail: meszaros [at] eik.bme.hu (meszaros@eik.bme.hu)
Speciality: Materials science, material testing, magnetic materials and measurements, electromagnetic material testing, nondestructive testing

Prof. Orbulov Imre Norbert

professor, dean
Room: fsz. 062/a Tel.: 463-2386
E-mail: orbulov [at] eik.bme.hu (orbulov@eik.bme.hu)
Speciality: Metallic foams, mechanical testing, composites, porous structural materials, metal foams

Dr. Thiele Ádám

senior lecturer
Room: I.em 108 Tel.: 463-4149
E-mail: adam.thiele [at] hotmail.com (adam.thiele@hotmail.com)
Speciality: Archaeometallurgy, archaeometry of ancient metals

Dr. Varbai Balázs

senior lecturer
Room: fsz. 60/B Tel.: 463-1955
E-mail: varbai [at] eik.bme.hu (varbai@eik.bme.hu)
Speciality: Weldability of stainless steels, material testing

Dr. Wiener Csilla

senior lecturer
Room: I. em. 105/B Tel.: 463-2842
E-mail: kadar [at] eik.bme.hu (kadar@eik.bme.hu)
Speciality: Metallic foams, mechanical testing, acoustic emission