Prof. Mészáros István

Status: professor
Building, room: I. em. 109
Phone: 463-2883
Fax: 463-1366
E-mail: meszaros [at] (
Speciality: Materials science, material testing, magnetic materials and measurements, electromagnetic material testing, nondestructive testing
Teached subject:

Biocompatible materials
Biocompatible materials II.
Energetic Materials Engineering
Failure Analysis
Magnetic materials and testing
Materials Engineering
Materials Science
Materials in medicine
Nondestructive Testing
Nondestructive Testing of Materials
Novel Engineering Materials
Trends in Materials Science

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Non-destructive material testing, investigation of the magnetic and electric properties of materials. Measurement and investigation of soft- and hard magnetic materials. Development and application of magnetic and micro magnetic material testing techniques. Modelling of magnetization curves. Remnant life estimation of power plant materials. Analysis of material deterioration processes. Investigation of biocompatible materials.



- Educational background

1985 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineer

1988 Technical University Budapest, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Cert. Engineer specialized in microelectronics technology

1992 European Federation of National Engineering Associations, Diploma European Engineer, EUR ING. (FEANI)

1998 University of Economical Sciences, Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree

- Work

1985-91 Institute for Technical Physics of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research staff member

1991-92 Technical University Budapest, Department of Materials Science and Technology, Assistant professor

1992- Technical University Budapest, Department of Materials Science and Technology, Associated professor

- Academic degrees

1991 Technical University Budapest, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, "Dr. Univ. degree"

1997 Technical University of Budapest, PhD degree .Thesis: Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Investigation of the Effects of Metallurgical  Processes

2015 Doctor of HAS (D.Sc.)

- Language skills

1987 English (intermediate level)

1995 German (basic level)


Scientific or public activities, memberships

Member of the Hungarian Materials Sciences Association

Member of the Public Body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Member of the Hungarian Materials Science Society

Member of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering

Member of Universal Network for Magnetic Non-destructive Evaluation (UNMNDE)


Research projects

- Science Conference of Students

Complex investigation of the magnetic properties of TRIP steels

Eddy current measurements by EddyMax equipment

- BSc and MSc thesis works

1. Investigation of phase transformations in stainless steels

2. Investigation of deterioration processes in power plant pipeline steels

3. Low frequency eddy current testing

- PhD

Development of magnetic material testing techniques. Development of a novel magnetic material testing technique which is based on the modelling of symmetrical minor hysteresis loops (MBDE technique). Application of the MBDE technique for industrial material testing problems. Research of new magnetic testing techniques for detecting the structural changes due to mechanical-, thermal and creep processes.



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