Prof. Szabó Péter János

Status: professor, head of the department
Building, room: fsz. 063
Phone: 463-3252
Fax: 463-1366
E-mail: szpj [at] (
Speciality: Materials science, materials testing, electron microscopy, X-ray and electron diffraction, crystal orientation determination, grain boundary engineering
Teached subject:

BSc thesis project
Elektronikai technológia és anyagismeret
Investigation of microstructure
MSc thesis project A
MSc thesis project B
Materials Engineering
Materials Science
Materials Science and Testing
Materials Science and Testing
Nondestructive Testing
Nondestructive Testing of Materials

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Investigation of the microstructure of materials (mostly metals) by electron microscopy and other methods. Grain boundary engineering. Production of ultra fine grained materials.



- Educational background

1992 M.Sc. Electrical Engineer

- Workplaces

1994-1995 assistant, 1995-2001 senior lecturer, 2001- associate professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, BUTE

- Academic degrees

1995 Ph.D. Materials Science

2013 D.Sc. Materials Science

2013 Dr.-habil

- Language skills

English (fluent)

German (intermediate)

Scientific or public activities, memberships

1999- European Microbeam Analysis Society, member

2009- Royal Microscope Society, member

1996-2000 American Society of Metals, member, Hungarian secretary

2008- Hungarian Microscopic Society, member

2005- Hungarian Materials Society, member

2012- MTA Materials Science and Technology Scientific Committe

2010- Periodica Polytechnica ser. Mechanical Engineering, editor-in-chief

2009- Hungarian Conference of Materials Science, Chief of the Organizing Committee Research projects

Research projects

- Science Conference of Students

Grain boundary engineering of different metals by thermo-mechanical treatments

Investigation of brazing of austenitic steel, effect of grain boundary structure

Investigation of dislocation density by electron back scattering diffraction

- BSc and MSc thesis works

Investigation of Cu-Mn thin layers

Effect of plastic deformation on the texture of metals

- PhD

Investigation of recrystallization by different methods

The effect of texture to the properties of metals

Grain boundary engineering. Production of ultra fine grained materials.